5 Panthers on the hot seat after bold trade for No. 1 pick in 2023

Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers
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Scott Fitterer - Carolina Panthers GM

After playing second-fiddle to Matt Rhule during his reign of terror, general manager Scott Fitterer finally gets his chance to build a competitive roster with the final say on personnel decisions. And based on this trade to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, it's going to be an immensely aggressive approach.

Fitterer has always been eager for the Carolina Panthers to draft and develop. This gives the team a rookie contract to build around and represents a more traditional approach to success throughout NFL history.

Relying on free agents and trades for underperforming quarterbacks was no longer an option. While Fitterer deserves credit for acting quickly and not leaving anything to chance, this is a career-defining moment that must go in his favor.

Multiple reports suggest the Panthers haven't yet set their sights on one particular quarterback. Trading down has also been discussed, but that doesn't seem realistic when one considers they gave up D.J. Moore to have this luxury.

Fitterer stated recently that the Panthers need to conviction, but they also need to be right. Should this trade not go according to plan, then David Tepper might decide another general manager is needed moving forward.