5 potential candidates to replace Carolina Panthers GM Scott Fitterer in 2024

Could big changes be on the horizon?

Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers could hire Adam Peters

  • Assistant General Manager | San Francisco 49ers

The Carolina Panthers need to go about things differently. That is glaringly obvious, so examining candidates from winning organizations could be worth its weight in gold if David Tepper decides general manager Scott Fitterer is surplus to requirements once the 2023 campaign concludes.

Looking at the teams building competitive rosters consistently and managing their salary cap in a way that doesn't restrict them, the San Francisco 49ers would be right at the top. Their failed trade-up for quarterback Trey Lance aside, this franchise has done an incredible job of finding the right formula and more importantly, striking with conviction when they feel like someone might be available that can help them take the next step.

Adam Peters is serving as the team's assistant general manager under John Lynch. He'll likely be a hot commodity during the next cycle, which might work against the Panthers if the respected front office figure has his choice of teams when push comes to shove.

Tepper's reputation around the NFL isn't great. He's a known meddler in football affairs, so people like Peters could look the other way unless specific assurances are made regarding ownership involvement.

As previously mentioned, until Tepper realizes he's a big part of the problem, nothing will change. But someone like Peters is worth it.