5 potential candidates to replace Carolina Panthers GM Scott Fitterer in 2024

Could big changes be on the horizon?
Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers could hire Charles Walls

  • Director of Player Personnel | Philadelphia Eagles

In keeping with the need to acquire a front office staff member from a perennial contender, the Philadelphia Eagles are another organization to examine closely. Howie Roseman is arguably the league's best general manager, so the vultures will no doubt be circling in the hope of replicating their success.

The Carolina Panthers need a cutthroat individual with experience working for contenders. They'll know full well what it takes to succeed and the methods implemented, so it might be worth bringing in Charles Walls for an interview if Scott Fitterer is let go.

Walls is director of player personnel with the Eagles and gained a fierce reputation as a scout with the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers. Considering how drafting well has been a thorn in Carolina's side for years, this should be at the forefront of their general manager job specification.

A former offensive lineman in college, Walls is an up-and-coming figure that warrants respect. Team owner David Tepper doesn't need another yes man - he needs someone capable of forming a clear plan for sustainable success from a franchise widely regarded as one of the NFL's best-run operations.

This would tick all the boxes in that regard. Walls might also be a surprise most other teams don't see coming despite his strong links to Roseman.