5 prospects the Carolina Panthers must avoid during 2024 NFL Draft

There are too many red flags surrounding these prospects...
T'Vondre Sweat
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Carolina Panthers must avoid T'Vondre Sweat

  • Nose Tackle | Texas Longhorns

After free-agent signing A'Shawn Robinson revealed that he wouldn't be occupying the nose tackle position, it immediately became another big need for the Carolina Panthers once again. Shy Tuttle didn't look suited to these responsibilities last season. Those in power might stick with what they have and hope for better fortunes, but it's a big gamble looking at how the previous campaign unfolded.

Robinson's presence opposite Derrick Brown on the defensive front instantly makes them better. But if they don't have an anchor clogging up space in the middle, it's an area that could become exposed. One look at last season's film makes this glaringly obvious.

The Panthers might look to address this during the 2024 NFL Draft. Some potentially dominant nose tackles emerging from the collegiate level could push Tuttle for playing time immediately. Despite T'Vondre Sweat's obvious physical gifts, some concerning red flags have emerged in recent weeks that could see his draft stock plummet.

Anonymous sources recently proclaimed that Sweat was deemed a party animal and class clown during his time in Texas. Questions about his work ethic have also surfaced. But something far more concerning emerged where the formidable interior lineman is concerned.

With just two weeks remaining until the draft - where Sweat was initially projected as a second-round pick - he was arrested for driving while intoxicated at almost 5 a.m. Just how stupid does anyone looking to make millions by fulfilling their NFL dream have to be to do something like this so close to the landmark event? It's infuriating for many reasons.

Dan Morgan is looking to restore the proud culture in Carolina that evaporated under previous regimes. He wants high-character guys who fit into his core football beliefs. Sweat's talent is undeniable, but recent revelations coupled with his untimely issue with the law mean it wouldn't be a complete shock if his name wasn't on the Panthers' draft board.