5 wide receivers Carolina Panthers should target after Mike Williams snub

The Carolina Panthers must seek alternative options...

Mike Williams
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Carolina Panthers could draft Ladd McConkey

If the Carolina Panthers want another guy who can create separation at will without being the most physically dominant, Ladd McConkey comes under the microscope. Not many college wideouts have helped themselves more in recent months - something that has many analysts wondering whether the Georgia prospect can force his way into the first round as a result.

McConkey is one of the best route-runners in this year's class. He's got the quick-twitch traits needed to get out of his cuts quickly. He stops on a dime and makes difficult catches look routine. These are all easily transferable skills between college and the pros.

When examining McConkey's tape, he's got a great feel for setting up opposing cornerbacks. His fluid shifts in direction and ability to create yards after the catch won't go unnoticed by NFL scouts. This is matched by surprising aggressiveness and outstanding ball location on deep shots.

Whether the Panthers want something a little bit different after trading for Diontae Johnson remains to be seen. McConkey is another versatile weapon that can be deployed anywhere across the line of scrimmage. In this scenario, he'd become Bryce Young's best friend in no time.

Losing the chance to acquire Mike Williams was another setback, but it shows the Panthers are trying. And make no mistake, there are plenty of enticing possibilities remaining throughout the offseason to give Young what he needs in the passing game.