5 wide receivers the Carolina Panthers could trade for to save 2023 season

The Carolina Panthers are reportedly looking for wide receiver help...
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Carolina Panthers could trade for Davante Adams

As previously stated, things are not looking good for the Las Vegas Raiders right now. This is a team completely falling by the wayside, with the concerning situation involving released defensive end Chandler Jones the latest in a series of unfortunate incidents to befall the franchise since their move to the desert.

Head coach Josh McDaniels is living on borrowed time. Jimmy Garropolo's performance levels under center leave a lot to be desired up to now, which isn't sitting well with veteran wide receiver Davante Adams based on his recent comments.

Adams' statement about wanting to be around a winning culture and within a more stable environment was seen as a come-and-get-me plea. Dealing the All-Pro would be akin to throwing in the towel from Las Vegas, but this isn't what the former Fresno State star had in mind when he opted to force his way out of the Green Bay Packers.

The Carolina Panthers could have had Adams long before this hypothetical scenario. He freely admits to thinking this was the team that was going to draft him based on pre-draft meetings, but the front office opted for Kelvin Benjamin at No. 28 overall in the 2014 NFL Draft, instead.

Oh, what might have been. But if the Raiders are receptive to offers, then risking the farm for Adams is an option well worth considering.