5 winners and losers from Carolina Panthers defeat at the Dolphins in Week 6

It was the result many Carolina Panthers fans expected...

Bryce Young and Chuba Hubbard
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Loser No. 3

Brian Burns - Carolina Panthers OLB

The Carolina Panthers had absolutely no room for passengers at the Miami Dolphins. Especially considering how many established figures were missing due to injury, which gave them an obvious mountain to climb.

That's why Brian Burns finds himself on this list. The edge rusher was probably playing at less than 100 percent after landing on the injury report, but it was once again a subpar outing from someone who is looking to be paid among the league's most elite at the position.

While accusations of Burns checking out are unfounded given how committed he was during the preparation period, fans have every right to expect better. This is a foundational piece everyone is looking to for difference-making production consistently, which the Panthers just haven't gotten from the former first-round selection over the last few games.

Speculation will be rampant during the bye about the possibility of trading Burns, who looks like the only player that could genuinely get the Panthers a first-round pick. This would leave them desperately short of reliable pass-rushing options, but there is also the small matter of his lucrative upcoming extension to factor into the equation.

The more likely scenario is Carolina placing the non-exclusive franchise tag on Burns when the time comes. Not exactly ideal for the player, but his situation has been handled terribly by the front office.