5 winners and losers from the Carolina Panthers defeat at Seahawks in Week 3

It was another disppointing afternoon for the Carolina Panthers.

Adam Thielen
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Loser No. 3

Frank Reich - Carolina Panthers HC

The honeymoon period is over for Frank Reich. Pressure is increasing on the head coach just three games into his tenure, with Sunday's effort at the Seattle Seahawks littered with costly errors from a Carolina Panthers team that looked unprepared before going into battle.

This centers on the penalties, which were frequent and frustrating in equal measure. Lumen Field is notoriously loud, but for the Panthers to give up so many false starts sits squarely on the figurehead.

Reich's statement after the game saying practice on Wednesday was louder than the game's atmosphere only made things worse. There didn't seem to be any silent counts and every audible was a running play - something the Seahawks' defense sniffed out quickly en route to a convincing triumph.

The play-calling was a little better, but the distinct unbalanced approach forced Andy Dalton to throw 58 times. This was another unacceptable element to Carolina's disastrous equation in Week 3.

Everyone within the franchise is preaching patience and beat reporters are churning out the rebuilding label that was non-existent during the offseason. Scott Fitterer told fans this was a team that could slot in a quarterback and take off, which couldn't be further from the truth over the opening three clashes.

Reich has a lot of work ahead. And for many, patience is already wearing incredibly thin.