5 winners and losers from Carolina Panthers pathetic loss at Bears in Week 10

This was another catastrophe for the Carolina Panthers...

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Loser No. 2

Carolina Panthers offense

This was another defeat down primarily to a woeful offensive performance. The Carolina Panthers' defense played well despite missing several influential figures and the special teams unit also more than held their own to continue an impressive campaign.

It's on offense where the complications arise. The offensive line just didn't look comfortable, Bryce Young is a broken man under center, and the pass-catchers within Carolina's skill position groups are not up to the required standard.

Again, this is the story of the season. Adam Thielen is the only one seemingly fighting with everything he has, the others look devoid of confidence and cannot create consistent separation to aid their signal-caller.

Jonathan Mingo doesn't look like he is worthy of a second-round selection right now. Terrace Marshall Jr. is a lost cause, and the less said about the likes of Hayden Hurst and Miles Sanders, the better.

General manager Scott Fitterer seemed delighted with his acquisitions throughout the offseason. More delusions of grandeur from a front office figure that hasn't drafted well and seems incapable of constructing a roster capable of even modest improvements.

Young is not without blame, but even his biggest critic must acknowledge that it's not the most ideal situation. And we haven't even begun to discuss the bland offensive schematic concepts deployed by Frank Reich and Thomas Brown.

This whole thing stinks. And the worst part is nothing is going to change.