5 winners and losers from Carolina Panthers pathetic loss at Bears in Week 10

This was another catastrophe for the Carolina Panthers...
Ihmir Smith-Marsette
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Loser No. 3

Frank Reich - Carolina Panthers HC

The heat is officially on Frank Reich.

He cut a forlorn figure on the sidelines as the Carolina Panthers went through yet more ineptitude on the offensive side of the football. Reich seems out of ideas and seemingly out of luck, with his inexplicable decision late in the game a microcosm of how things have unfolded for the figurehead during his brief head coaching tenure with the organization.

Instead of putting his faith in rookie quarterback Bryce Young - a player everyone was supposedly convinced about during their pre-draft assessments - Reich decided to send out Eddy Pineiro for a 59-yard field goal in swirling winds at Soldier Field.

This is complete unawareness of the environment in which the Panthers were playing. Pineiro couldn't make this sort of range in a dome more often than not, so trotting him out there in a notoriously difficult kicking venue was absolute incompetence.

Reich acknowledged a sense of regret after the game regarding this decision. That comes as no solace to Panthers fans, who are becoming increasingly concerned about this team's direction with their first-ever starting quarterback leading the charge.

It'll be interesting to see what happens over the next few days. David Tepper is sure to demand answers after having to sit through yet another abysmal performance, although admitting he was wrong on a second head coach so soon into Reich's reign seems unlikely.