6 dynamic WR draft prospects Carolina Panthers must consider for Bryce Young

Bryce Young needs more help...
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Carolina Panthers could draft Troy Franklin

Every NFL team needs a deep threat, that one receiver who can blow open a game in a single play and turn the entire narrative of the season on its head in the blink of an eye. Troy Franklin could be that guy.

Franklin has the speed on the outside to get separation on simple go routes - nothing fancy at all, just run faster than the guy opposite you. That is a truly rare ability that would be invaluable if it can translate into the NFL.

The one major concern with a player who relies on their speed to succeed in college is how much closer those margins become at the next level, where everyone is just as fast or at least relatively close. However, what makes Franklin unique is his size to go along with that speed.

When watching film, he's a bigger-bodied DeSean Jackson, although the prospect's build wouldn't be classed as physical by any stretch. Franklin might not have the same kind of career, but the similarities are still there. A receiver who can blow by the defense but still get a contested catch now and then with plenty of football IQ to spare.

Some of the most impressive plays on Franklin's tape are broken ones where he had to adjust to the quarterback and find the open spot when everything went wrong. But all of this isn't to say that he doesn't have finesse in the toolkit.

The Oregon standout can still shake defenders with quick feet to get that little bit of separation to create the opening that is needed to make use of that next-level speed. A combination that should scare any cornerback lined up against them and provide Bryce Young with something a little different.

Franklin would spread the defense for the Carolina Panthers and empty the box more often than not. This can only help what has been a porous offensive line and lackluster run game. Let alone finally give Young a consistent target on the outside.