6 dynamic WR draft prospects Carolina Panthers must consider for Bryce Young

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Carolina Panthers could draft Xavier Legette

Xavier Legette shows all the promise of being a solid wide receiver at the next level if some polishing takes place over his first season. The South Carolina prospect has made a career of using his physical attributes to create separation and catch defenders off guard. That is something that can't be taught.

There is a distinct difference in the movement of Legette from before the ball gets there to after. It's as if the wideout has a second gear that comes out of nowhere and he is just gone. A speed that is reserved for only the most important moments of the game. This is a skill set that will always get a defender on the backfoot - even in the NFL.

The other things immediately apparent are the instincts and ability to find the football. Legette has shown time and time again that he can turn and track the ball into his hands no matter what the defender around him does to break things up. It's another thing that the Panthers have been sorely lacking.

The only detriment to Legette's game and the reason why the Panthers might be hesitant to spend too high of a pick on him would be that lack of polish. The young wideout has some good footwork but other than that, never really showed the true route-running prowess that is necessary at the next level.

This can always be taught by the right coaches, but it leaves a player like Legette at a disadvantage comparatively. If there are more prepared receivers still available, it may be wise to take them instead.

However, given the time and tutoring necessary, Legette has the physical capabilities to make something for himself in the NFL. It will be exciting to see just how high that star will rise in the coming years if allowed to work alongside quarterback Bryce Young moving forward.