6 free-agent cornerbacks the Carolina Panthers should target in 2024

The Carolina Panthers need cornerback help...

Tre'Davious White
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Carolina Panthers could sign Jeff Okudah

Just a few short years ago, Jeff Okudah was considered worthy of the No. 3 overall pick in the NFL Draft. This is a massive honor and telling of the potential he has. I am well aware of the comparison that can be made to C.J. Henderson here, but this is different.

Okudah still shows that physicality and bruising style of play that matches up well against the larger wide receivers in coverage and against the run. A combination that the Carolina Panthers has hoped to find for years and has eluded them.

The only problem with this style of play is the injuries that have also plagued Okudah throughout the early part of his career. This is a gigantic red flag where the Panthers should be concerned. Is trading one injury-prone player for another an upgrade?

However, the idea of having Okudah on the outside with that press, in-your-face kind of intensity is tantalizing. This team needs some fire and passion on the defense, a player that the opposition shies away from. The Panthers need something that scares the opposing offense and makes them think twice every time they run down the field.

Okudah is that kind of player without bridging into the concern of being a penalty waiting to happen when that passion boils over. Besides, bringing in a former division rival is always such a sweet victory to revel in.