6 free-agent cornerbacks the Carolina Panthers should target in 2024

The Carolina Panthers need cornerback help...

Tre'Davious White
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Carolina Panthers could sign Adoree Jackson

Speed kills in the NFL. That is one thing that the Carolina Panthers have been devoid of more often than not in recent memory to painful effect.

The team has simply not had the defender to match up against the top echelon of the speed receivers in today's NFL. Players like Tyreek Hill take advantage of this lack of speed repeatedly because one mistake is enough to be completely lost against them.

Speed can make up for a lot of shortcomings in coverage and even help to bait the opposing quarterback into a bad decision, which is exactly what Adoree Jackson is capable of. Even if this last season was not the best by any stretch.

The only real knock against Jackson has always been his health. That's why I struggled to even add the young cornerback to this list in the first place - it feels more like a sidegrade than anything else. However, the raw talent and speed are enough to at least consider.

Being able to leave Jackson on an island against those top-flight speed receivers will do wonders for the Panthers' ability to rush the quarterback. Especially with the extremely limited roster that Carolina has in that regard going into the offseason.

Locking up the big receivers on one side with Jaycee Horn with Jackson is an idea that I can fully get behind.