7 best prospects remaining for Carolina Panthers after 2024 NFL Draft Day 2

Time for the Carolina Panthers to find some rough diamonds.
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The Carolina Panthers are about to embark on Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft with plenty of intriguing options still available. Dan Morgan did some wheeling and dealing throughout Day 2, getting a 2025 second-round selection from the Los Angeles Rams that was lost during the trade for quarterback Bryce Young. He also acquired two more prospects - one with significant intrigue attached.

Those in power had enough conviction to trade up for running back Jonathon Brooks. Although not the biggest need, this represents a significant statement of intent. One that leaves no doubt about how the Panthers will approach things offensively under new head coach Dave Canales.

The Panthers have four selections over the remaining rounds. Previous regimes haven't been able to unearth diamonds from the rough more often than not. Still, Morgan is eager to change it in his quest to get Carolina back to respectability.

With this in mind, here are seven intriguing prospects still available for the Panthers after a dramatic Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Carolina Panthers could draft Mason McCormick

  • Offensive Line | South Dakota State Jackrabbits

The Carolina Panthers haven't done anything to improve depth along the trenches yet. There's still time for that to change, but one only has to look at the offensive line's capitulation last season to see what complications could emerge through injuries and poor performance.

If the Panthers choose to identify a high-upside athletic protector on Day 3 of the draft, they could do far worse than look in Mason McCormick's direction. The South Dakota State prospect didn't play the elite-level competition throughout his college career, but his pass protection was nothing short of flawless nonetheless.

McCormick is incredibly athletic - something he displayed to full effect during a standout showcase at the NFL Scouting Combine. He's experienced, is a born leader, and plays with a mean streak that's hard not to love.

There is a little stiffness to his movement that must be addressed. McCormick is also flawed from a technical aspect, especially once the loses leverage. That said, the Panthers must examine his qualities in greater detail if they want another offensive line development project.