7 free-agent offensive tackles the Carolina Panthers could sign in 2024

The Carolina Panthers need some help along their offensive line for 2024 and beyond.

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The Carolina Panthers will have plenty of cap space. What offensive tackles could they target in 2024 free agency?

Bryce Young was running for his life during his rookie season. While a lot of that was due to an offensive scheme not matching the players, it was also due to the Carolina Panthers not having enough talent along the offensive line.

This has to be one of the top priorities for general manager Dan Morgan and head coach Dave Canales in 2024. Without adequate protection, Young will never develop. A makeover of the wide receiver room is necessary, but I do think we'll see the team bring in some beef along their protection to give the offense a necessary spark.

Let's cover seven free agent offensive tackles the Panthers could sign in 2024.

Carolina Panthers could sign Jonah Williams

Jonah Williams is still just 26 years old and was essentially demoted from left tackle to right tackle on the Cincinnati Bengals in 2024. He was a first-round draft pick of the team back in 2019 and was very up and down. He had the college pedigree playing at Alabama, but being a free agent in 2024 is a bit worrisome. Teams do not let good tackles in their mid-20s hit the open market.

Perhaps the Carolina Panthers can be a spot where Williams revives his career. If that is the case, the franchise took a chance and got their left tackle of the future. If not, the team will and should hopefully have a backup plan already on the roster.

Williams - to me - is one of the more interesting free agents on the market in 2024.