8 potential replacements for Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich in 2024

Could the Carolina Panthers shake things up again?
Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers could hire Frank Smith

  • Offensive Coordinator | Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins offense has taken the NFL by storm this season. They are a high-powered attack that relies heavily on speed and creating yards after the catch, which is deployed with supreme efficiency thanks to a diverse offensive scheme led by head coach Mike McDaniel.

While McDaniel deserves a lot of credit for the way he's galvanized this group, Frank Smith's contribution cannot be overlooked. The offensive coordinator is a huge part of the week-to-week strategies in Miami, which could lead to some head coaching opportunities soon depending on how the Dolphins fare from here on out.

Miami took a huge risk by hiring McDaniel and is reaping the rewards when other teams didn't have enough conviction. That isn't a mistake those looking for new head coaches plan to make again, so Smith getting a top job in 2024 is a realistic possibility.

Should the Carolina Panthers decide to move forward without Frank Reich after just one season, they need to stick with their offensive-minded approach. This time, team owner David Tepper must get his next hire correct.

If that means going against the grain with someone like Smith, so be it. He's also got experience as a play-caller in college and has coached almost every offensive position group in the NFL.

There's also no telling how much Smith has picked up from McDaniel in terms of philosophy. Something else the up-and-coming coach has in his favor.