8 potential replacements for Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich in 2024

Could the Carolina Panthers shake things up again?

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Carolina Panthers could hire Ben Johnson

  • Offensive Coordinator | Detroit Lions

Ben Johnson turned down the chance to interview for the Carolina Panthers head coaching role in 2023. He was reportedly extremely high on their list of options, which led David Tepper to bring Frank Reich into the fold instead.

This rash move isn't bearing fruit and Tepper is facing the prospect of another head coaching reset as a result. Going back to Johnson again should be considered - whether he'll see this as a good enough opportunity remains to be seen.

Johnson has boosted his credentials further this season with the Detroit Lions. His scheme is electrifying and dynamic in equal measure, something that's reignited quarterback Jared Goff's career and arguably makes him the No. 1 option during the upcoming head coaching cycle.

Interest in Johnson is going to be high. Somewhere like the Washington Commanders could be deemed more attractive under new ownership in a big market, but having a promising quarterback in Bryce Young might lead the play-caller to re-evaluate a homecoming of sorts.

Anyone fortunate enough to land Johnson is getting a top-level coach. One that looks more ready than ready for the step up after deciding to remain with Dan Campbell for the 2023 campaign.

This would be an ideal hire for Young and a stagnant Panthers offense. It's whether Johnson deems working for Tepper a stable enough environment to flourish.