8 potential replacements for Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich in 2024

Could the Carolina Panthers shake things up again?

Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers could promote from within

Another option the Carolina Panthers have if they deem Frank Reich surplus to requirements is promoting from within. This is normally a riskier move unless they get a solid audition in an interim role, but even that might not be enough to impress the impulsive David Tepper when push comes to shove.

Just ask Steve Wilks.

The Panthers spared no expense to form what they perceived to be an elite-level coaching staff before the campaign. If Tepper does remove Reich from the equation, there are several worthy candidates already in the building.

Ejiro Evero is the obvious name. The defensive coordinator has done well considering all the injury complications on that side of the football. He is still highly respected in league circles as a future head coach despite what's unfolding in Carolina this season.

Evero would be the most likely to be promoted, one suspects. Others who could also be given the responsibility are Jim Caldwell, Duce Staley, or Thomas Brown, who found it hard to hide his disappointment after Reich took back play-calling responsibilities after just three games.

If this is something the Panthers consider, it would be worth giving their chosen guy - probably Evero - a chance to show what he's capable of over Carolina's final few games. Whether momentum can be generated in the franchise's current state is another matter.