8 potential replacements for Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich in 2024

Could the Carolina Panthers shake things up again?

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Carolina Panthers could hire Jim Harbaugh

  • Head Coach | Michigan Wolverines

The Carolina Panthers need a complete culture reset. The enthusiasm and everyone buying in achieved by Steve Wilks during his brief stint as interim head coach last season has long gone - replaced by misery, excuses, and a disillusioned fanbase completely demoralized.

If Frank Reich is deemed surplus to requirements, Jim Harbaugh is a name that would shake things up in no time at all. The current Michigan head coach seems destined for an NFL return due to his ongoing disputes with the Big 10 and NCAA, which stem from sign stealing and other alleged misdemeanors in pursuit of gaining an advantage.

It might sound strange, but this sort of cutthroat nature is something that could revitalize the Panthers. Harbaugh doesn't suffer fools gladly, so whipping this underperforming roster into shape should be a challenge he'll relish.

Getting such a high-profile coach is the sort of big splash David Tepper would consider as a coup. It would cost a pretty penny and Harbaugh would also need a huge say in personnel matters, but this might be the feast-or-famine move that gets the Panthers back into contention.

Harbaugh is a tough man to like by all accounts. But he gets the job done by any means necessary. It's been a long time since Carolina had that sort of ruthlessness at the head coaching position.