The award for most asinine Bryce Young 2024 offseason take goes to...

Bryce Young has endured some severe criticism since the 2023 season ended.

Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

FOX Sports host Craig Carton came up with an asinine take surrounding Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young.

This is a time for Bryce Young to take his lumps. The Carolina Panthers quarterback ensured some torrid luck as a rookie. His performances weren't at the level expected. It was also a turbulent situation to join as the franchise descended into chaos once again under David Tepper's incompetent ownership.

Young is far from a lost cause despite what some might tell you. The presence of renowned quarterback whisperer Dave Canales as head coach has the potential to significantly improve his fortunes. If those in power also reinforce the skill positions with more consistent options, a sophomore rise won't be too far behind.

Some analysts are taking the blinkered, instant gratification approach where Young is concerned. There have been some well-researched pieces into his struggles. Others prefer to shoot from the hip and ignore any mitigating factors associated with his slow NFL start.

Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young mocked by Craig Carton

The latest of these came from FOX Sports host Craig Carton, who claimed Young was never going succeed at the next level and was already one of the worst No. 1 picks in league history based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"Bryce Young is not an NFL quarterback. And I’m not saying he’s not a good kid or a great athlete, clearly he is. But Bryce Young, at 5-foot-2, can never be a successful quarterback in the NFL. As great as he was in college, as smart as he is, as athletic as he is, he’s not an NFL quarterback. He’s like a third-down specialty back or maybe, maybe a slot receiver on third-and-2. He’s not an NFL quarterback. He will never have great success in the NFL, and he was one of the worst picks a team has ever made in the history of the NFL while picking No. 1."

Craig Carton via USA Today Sports

And the award for most asinine Young take of the 2024 offseason goes to…

Carton's controversial opinion was patronizing and lacked the proper context. Comparing a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and the consensus No. 1 pick to a specialist slot receiver was lazy. Mocking his height was even worse. It reeked of clout chasing at a time when engagement trumps all. More importantly, it was completely unfair to Young.

If Young is still performing like this in two years with a better-supporting cast, then we can have a discussion. I wonder if Carton would have been so critical of Peyton Manning after his rookie struggles. Probably not - he wasn't an easy target like the former Alabama star.

All this serves as extra motivation for Young, not that he needs it. The Panthers made a significant investment in the player. They didn't get an immediate return, but the flashes suggest that he can be highly productive if everything around him also progresses.

If Canales cannot work his magic, concerns will grow. Until then, Young deserves a mulligan for a rookie campaign.

People in the media like Carton will always be ready to kick people when they're down to suit their narratives. Hopefully, he'll be eating a big piece of humble pie where Young is concerned. If not next season, then sometime very soon.