What is Cam Newton trying to prove at Auburn's pro day?

Cam Newton
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What is former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton trying to prove as he gets set to throw at Auburn's pro day?

He's not done yet, it seems. 

Cam Newton's presence at Auburn's pro day this afternoon represents a chance for the veteran quarterback to prove he can still make a difference to an NFL team. This is despite missing the entire 2022 season after the Carolina Panthers opted not to bring him back. 

It's been a rocky road for Newton since his controversial release by the Panthers in 2020. Arriving late to the New England Patriots and contracting COVID-19 didn't help his cause, which resulted in Bill Belichick drafting Mac Jones and leaving the former NFL MVP on the outside looking in. 

Newton waited months for his next opportunity, which turned out to be a bombshell return to the Panthers. A move that completely galvanized the entire franchise when all hope seemed lost. 

While things didn't go to plan for Newton through no real fault of his own, it's clear there was a difference in personalities between the signal-caller and Matt Rhule. So it was no surprise to see the incompetent head coach go in a different direction. 

Despite his reported willingness to accept a backup job, Newton also wanted the right fit. This didn't arrive last season and the Heisman Trophy winner is now taking matters into his own hands. 

Cam Newton is looking for another NFL opportunity in 2023

In a social media post on Monday evening, Newton announced he is throwing at Auburn's pro day. This provides the iconic figure with an opportunity to showcase his ability in front of NFL scouts and front-office personnel in the hope of getting another chance heading into training camp. 

And based on his comments in the video, Newton still feels there aren't 32 quarterbacks better than him.

"Tell me how these randoms keep getting jobs. Ain’t 32 mother [expletive] better than me. You dig?"

Cam Newton

Looking at the current state of affairs around the league, Newton might be right. But the fact he has to attend Auburn's pro day to prove himself is just sad, in all honesty. 

This is a player that was the face of the NFL in 2015. A man that revolutionized how dual-threat quarterbacks are perceived, is an inspiration to those following in his footsteps such as Jalen Hurts and Justin Fields and shifted the culture in Carolina for good measure. 

Newton's current career trajectory isn't exactly promising. And anyone expecting the Panthers to bring him back should let go of that notion right now. 

It could be Newton leaving one last impression in terms of arm strength and accuracy if everything goes well. If a team doesn't sign the No. 1 overall selection in 2011 after that, it's their problem.

In a weird way, this has also added an extra layer of intrigue to the occasion. Something that could help those from the program looking to hear their name called during the 2023 NFL Draft get a little extra attention along the way. 

Despite missing a ton of football over the last two seasons, Newton remains in peak physical shape. But the game is passing him by with every missed season whether he's ready to throw in the towel or not. 

Every single Panthers fan will wish Newton nothing but the best. He remains beloved in the Carolinas and is always going to be considered among the greatest players in franchise history. 

This is one final roll of the dice for Newton. Whether it'll be enough to prove he can be an asset remains to be seen.

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