Carolina Panthers 2023 NFL re-draft: How much would the team change?

Hindsight is always 20/20. Would the Carolina Panthers do anything differently if they had a redo in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Bryce Young
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Round No. 4 (Pick No. 114)

Carolina Panthers draft Sidy Sow

  • Offensive Lineman I UCLA Bruins
  • Previous pick: Chandler Zavala (OL)

Drafting this late, teams are simply hoping for a player or two to end up as a quality depth piece. Sometimes teams can luck into a legitimate starter, or even find an elite one. There are Pro Football Hall of Famers in the NFL who were drafted in the later rounds, but that is extremely uncommon.

While the Carolina Panthers weren't likely going to find a stud in the fourth round, Sidy Sow would have been a great pick.

Sow was picked just three selections after Chandler Zavala, who was a proverbial turnstile during his rookie season, which was 10 games in length. According to Pro Football Focus, he played 374 offensive snaps, committed three penalties, allowed six sacks, and earned a 26.2 grade.

Sow was on the field for 772 offensive snaps, committed two penalties, allowed five sacks, and earned a solid grade of 64.4. His performances were very encouraging as a rookie. He is trending to earn a full-time starting role with the New England Patriots in 2024.

For Zavala, he might not even be on the roster come 2024. Again, with picking this late in the NFL Draft, teams aren't typically going to find consistent contributors. Sow was one of those rare instances where the Patriots got legitimate production.

With the Panthers' offensive line being up in the air, having Sow instead of Zavala would have brought them stability at one other position.