Carolina Panthers 2024 NFL Mock Draft: What to do with limited capital and little hope

We're already looking ahead for Carolina, but what do they do without a first rounder in 2024?

Carolina Panthers, Bryce Young
Carolina Panthers, Bryce Young / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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. 435. Jaheim Bell. Jaheim Bell. player. TE. Jaheim Bell. 4. .

This Panthers offense needs to find a playmaker at tight end, and early on in the fourth round, they do just that snagging Jaheim Bell at pick no. 101. Somewhat caught in between a wide receiver and tight end's body, Bell stands 6-foot-3 and weighs around 240 pounds. He has the athleticism and build to be able to split out wide when asked, which makes him very versatile.

Bell is a great route runner and is fluid in his motions after the catch. His speed helps him not only separate but make moves after the catch, which will make things easier on Bryce Young, having a security blanket like Bell. He very well could come in and take over the starting role, and with some development might end up as one of the better tight ends in football in the near future.

Donovan Jackson. . IOL. Donovan Jackson. Donovan Jackson. player. . . 4. 490

With their second pick in the fourth round, the Panthers go with a highly physical interior offensive lineman out of Ohio State, Donovan Jackson. In summary, Jackson is an absolute tank. He's got a strong, dense frame and is a mauler. Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 320 pounds, Jackson is every bit of what you want as an interior lineman.

This man will shine in the run game. He can excel in both zone and vertical run schemes while also showing a strong base against pass rushers. He's constantly moving, although isn't the best athlete overall. Still, there is a great chance Jackson comes in and competes for a starting gig, because the Panthers have not seen great play from their guards this year.