Carolina Panthers 2024 NFL Mock Draft: What to do with limited capital and little hope

We're already looking ahead for Carolina, but what do they do without a first rounder in 2024?
Carolina Panthers, Bryce Young
Carolina Panthers, Bryce Young / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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. . Lathan Ransom. Lathan Ransom. Lathan Ransom. . S. 6. player. 490

For the third time in this draft, the Panthers select an Ohio State Buckeye. But, it's typically a solid plan to go get players from some of the best programs in the country, right? It just so happened that yet another Buckeye was the best player on our board here. Lathan Ransom is the selection here at pick no. 179.

As a sixth-round pick, the Panthers cannot go wrong with Ransom. In a nutshell, he is above average in coverage and also a willing, physical tackler. He brings the hit stick at times and is not afraid to finish plays in a tough, gritty manner. Ransom will offer excellent depth at first with a shot to take over as a starter in the near future.

TE. . Ben Sinnott. Ben Sinnott. Ben Sinnott. . . player. 6. 463

Taking a second tight end in this draft might seem like an odd idea, but Ben Sinnott is one of the more undervalued and underappreciated players in his class. He isn't going to come out and catch 80 passes or become a focal point for Bryce Young. But, Sinnott does a whole lot of things well, which is why he's the pick with the 192nd selection.

This is a guy you can ask to lead block and know that he'll get the job done. He's also someone you could ask to line up at full back, whether it's for blocking or receiving purposes, and he'll get it done. And then, if you need him to run a few routes and catch the football, he'll do that too. Sinnott could be one of those players who hardly shows up on the stat sheet, but the 6-foot-4 prospect will come in and do whatever is asked of him and do it at a high level.