Panthers 7-round 2023 NFL mock draft: Building around franchise QB

Kayshon Boutte
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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers draft Kayshon Boutte

  • Wide Receiver | LSU | No. 114 overall

This would be a shock of epic proportions if Kayshon Boutte made it this far down the pecking order. The concerns are obvious, but this isn't the strongest group of wide receivers entering the NFL this year, which should ensure the LSU product goes in the first three rounds at least. 

Still, we play the simulator and Boutte was available at No. 114 overall. If this unlikely scenario did come to fruition, the Carolina Panthers shouldn't waste much time handing in their card.

Boutte is a fascinating prospect. At one stage in 2021, he looked like a potential top-five selection before a steep fall that now has his first-round hopes hanging by a thread. 

Just why Boutte endured such a lackluster campaign when so much was expected is anyone's guess. One could point to the sub-par quarterback production throughout an indifferent season for the Tigers, but the player also had difficulty getting open and seemed to lack confidence against top-tier cornerbacks along the way. 

This was a disappointing end to Boutte's college career, but all hope is not lost just yet. There's every chance he can become productive once pro-caliber coaches get to grips with the wideout, which will likely make or break his chances of making a go of things at the next level. 

It all comes down to how much Boutte wants it. The talent is obvious, but that means nothing if a player doesn't work hard on improving their craft.