Carolina Panthers 7-round 2023 NFL mock draft: War Room edition

Emmanuel Forbes
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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panters draft Bryce Young

  • Quarterback | Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Round No. 1 (Pick No. 1)

Anyone that's read my mock drafts throughout the process knows how high I am on C.J. Stroud. The recent criticism leveled at the quarterback is nothing short of disgraceful considering his production in college and the fact he's undeniably the best pure pocket passer in this year's quarterback draft class. 

With that being said, momentum is everything at this stage. Based on what's transpired over the last fortnight, it would be a bombshell of epic proportions if the Carolina Panthers didn't take Bryce Young at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. 

Young is a phenomenal prospect that could be a true franchise-changer at the quarterback position. I've stated countless times that the Panthers couldn't go wrong with either of the top two guys, with those in power doing everything possible to surround their new rookie with everything they need to hit the ground running this offseason. 

The former Alabama star is supremely intelligent, can make every throw, leads by example, and also has that X-factor that teams always covet heavily. There are obvious concerns surrounding Young's slender frame and his arm strength is far from elite, but it's not bothered him so far and the Panthers could insulate him well behind a strong running attack and their formidable offensive line. 

This looks like a done deal, in all honesty. Young is an outlier beyond any doubt, but the magic he possesses is worthy of the gamble.