Carolina Panthers 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Free agency clues edition

Dan Morgan has more wheeling and dealing to do...
Jalyx Hunt
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Carolina Panthers draft Adonai Mitchell

  • Wide Receiver | Texas Longhorns
  • No. 33 overall

The Carolina Panthers took a low-cost gamble by trading for wide receiver Diontae Johnson from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Some character concerns eventually led to his departure, but the pass-catcher's ability to create separation consistently was enough for those in power to take a chance considering the minimal compensation attached.

That said, the Panthers need more. They are hosting Mike Williams and Michael Gallup on visits this week. If the decision-makers can strike a deal with either, it might see their draft plans change early on.

For now, the Panthers are in desperate need of a big-bodied, explosive wide receiver. One who is capable of being Bryce Young's No.1 target for the long term. If Adonai Mitchell falls out of the first round and into their laps, Dan Morgan would be wise to seriously consider the possibility.

Mitchell is 6-foot-2 with the athleticism to match. He is extremely sharp out of his cuts and knows how to use leverage to his advantage. The Texas prospect boasts the straight-line speed to get downfield quickly and makes contested catches look easy.

If Mitchell can improve his ability to get off press coverage and locate the football with extra efficiency, someone is going to have a real player on their hands. His upward trajectory also indicates he'd be able to come in and help Young right out of the gate.