Carolina Panthers 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Trading Brian Burns edition

Brian Burns
Brian Burns / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers draft Layden Robinson

  • Offensive Line | Texas A&M Aggies
  • No. 141 overall

The Carolina Panthers might address the offensive line much sooner than this. However, recent reports seem to suggest the new people in positions of power are going to be aggressive during free agency in pursuit of providing quarterback Bryce Young with the protection he needs to be more effective.

To say this would be welcome is a massive understatement. Carolina's protection was nothing short of porous last season. Even if Austin Corbett and Brady Christensen make successful returns from injury, the Panthers need to solidify depth and potentially upgrade starting positions depending on what options show mutual interest.

There can be no room for sentiment when it comes to decision-making. That's part of the reason why Carolina is in this mess. Doing right by Young and adopting a business-first approach is the only way things are going to improve.

Adding to the team's depth chart via the college ranks could be beneficial. This is a deep class for offensive linemen across the board. Layden Robinson is a development project, but the physical assets suggest he can be molded into a dependable option under Carolina's improved coaching staff.

The Texas A&M prospect has a wide base and violent hands that make him an asset against the run. Robinson is agile enough to enhance his pass-protecting credentials, although his technique will be exposed if tasked with significant responsibilities early.

Expecting miracles right out of the gate is unrealistic. But there's nothing to suggest progress cannot be made quickly en route to becoming a valuable depth option.