3 Carolina Panthers coaches who can bolster head coaching chances in 2024

These Carolina Panthers coaches have added incentives on their minds.
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Brad Idzik - Carolina Panthers OC

Dave Canales' first move as Carolina Panthers head coach was no surprise. He brought his most trusted associate with him from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This was also his first move after becoming the Buccaneers' offensive coordinator in 2023. Canales and Brad Idzik have a close bond and almost unbreakable trust. They share the same vision for the growth and development of players. Getting him to the Panthers was an overlooked yet integral piece of the puzzle.

Idzik got a promotion for his loyalty. He'll be Carolina's new offensive coordinator, working closely with Canales to implement strategies and ensuring everyone is firmly aware of their responsibilities within a more expansive system.

While many questioned the importance of Idzik's presence considering Canales is calling offensive plays, his influence during practice over early offseason workouts was notable. The pair are cut from the same cloth, bringing unrivaled enthusiasm and impressive direction in their tutelage to help players meet or exceed the performance levels expected.

The coordinator isn't an innocent bystander when it comes to schematic concepts either. Idzik was filmed outlining his expectations to wide receiver Diontae Johnson following his trade to the Panthers for an episode of The Blueprint. This is the clearest sign yet of his heavy involvement - something that will play a significant role in whatever success comes Carolina's way.

Every team is looking for the next great offensive guru to spearhead their plans. It's why the likes of Kyle Shanahan, Mike McDaniel, and Sean McVay got fast-tracked into top jobs. It's also why the Panthers wanted to get ahead of the game with Canales, who many felt got this opportunity a year or two too soon.

Better to be too early than too late. If Canales thrives, a situation could emerge where Idzik enters head coaching consideration from those looking for a similar formula. Whether that comes in 2025 or a little further into the future remains to be seen.