Carolina Panthers draft picks in 2024, 2025 and beyond: Full list

How are the Carolina Panthers set with their draft picks?

Bryce Young and Roger Goodell
Bryce Young and Roger Goodell / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How many draft picks do the Carolina Panthers have over the next three years as the new regime looks to make this franchise a force once again?

The Carolina Panthers have a big job on their hands this offseason. They must find ways to make their roster more competitive quickly. Those in power must also maximize every possible resource at their disposal. It won't be easy, but this is a good chance for the new power structure to begin laying the foundations for a brighter future.

One of the biggest flaws surrounding the previous decision-makers centered on the draft. They gave away picks like confetti. There were very few success stories - especially lower down the pecking order. One only has to look at how many players drafted in recent years are no longer with the franchise to see what complications emerged.

This is something Dan Morgan is looking to rectify. He might have some skepticism attached to his newfound responsibilities after being Scott Fitterer's right-hand man, but he's got the team's best interests at heart and will strive to make sure the Panthers are feared around the league over time.

Of course, the urgency is increased where the 2024 NFL Draft is concerned. The Panthers are famously giving up the No. 1 overall selection following their trade-up for quarterback Bryce Young. This was far more than they envisaged paying at the time. After all, Fitterer believed this team was ready to drop in a stud signal-caller and take off.

There's nothing Carolina can do about that now. Let's take a look at how they are positioned with their draft picks in 2024, 2025, and further into the future.

Carolina Panthers 2024 draft picks

  • Round No. 2 (No. 33 overall)
  • Round No. 3 (No. 65 overall)
  • Round No. 4 (No. 102 overall)
  • Round No. 5 (No. 141 overall) - From Tennessee
  • Round No. 5 (No. 165 overall) - From San Francisco
  • Round No. 6 (No. 180) - From Arizona

Carolina Panthers 2025 draft picks

  • Round No. 1
  • Round No. 3
  • Round No. 4
  • Round No. 5
  • Round No. 6
  • Round No. 7 (three picks)

The Panthers are giving up their second-round selection to the Bears as part of their trade to land Young. This is mercifully the final piece of their compensation. They also have two additional seventh-round picks after trading kicker Zane Gonzalez to the San Francisco 49ers and wide receiver Chosen Anderson to the Arizona Cardinals.

Carolina Panthers 2026 draft picks

  • Round No. 1
  • Round No. 2
  • Round No. 3
  • Round No. 4
  • Round No. 5
  • Round No. 6
  • Round No. 7

In an ideal world, this is the time when Morgan will have the Panthers in a better position. One couldn't say that with any guarantee based on how things have unfolded under David Tepper's ownership previously. The billionaire has promised to stay out of the football operation - something which would help enormously. Whether he goes through with it is another matter.

There cannot be any half-measures and band-aid fixes anymore. The Panthers need to start planning properly for the future. It needs to be done with conviction and within a consensus mindset. Anything less would see the same stupid mistakes creep into their strategy.

Making more of their draft selections would help enormously. Morgan's scouting and player evaluation are respected around the league. Let's hope this transitions smoothly as Carolina's ambitious front-office leader this offseason and beyond.