Panthers News: Adam Thielen, Terrace Marshall, Bryce Young, and edge help

Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines with details of the team's upcoming training camp now public knowledge?

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young earning confidence

The hype and anticipation surrounding Bryce Young have only grown after a sensational early off-season workout phase. His seamless transition to top dog in the quarterback room was exactly what everyone associated with the Carolina Panthers was looking for - something that's also commanded instant respect among his teammates for good measure.

Brian Burns' depiction of Young went viral earlier this week, stating the signal-caller was humble while also knowing full well that "he's the s--t". In many ways, that sums up the player's demeanor perfectly - the quiet assassin with a ruthless streak that most don't see coming until it's too late.

The former Alabama star heard the comments and didn't quite know how to respond when probed. But he did say via Darin Gantt from the team's website that he's been grateful for the support and plans to earn further confidence in the coming weeks.

"Brian [Burns], he's really cool to work with. Him allowing me, him welcoming me here, being a leader, being a veteran, showing me the love that he has. That's been everyone on the team and in the locker room. I'm grateful to be embraced like I have. I'm super-grateful to be part of this team. I'm learning a lot every day; I'm trying to do everything I can to help the team. So for me, that's what I'm focused on. For me, I think confidence is something you earn. And I show up every day. I think right now, as a team, as a group, we try to earn that confidence."

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Burns and Carolina's defense will give Young all he can handle throughout Carolina's training camp to hone his skills further before Week 1. But it's clear that the Heisman Trophy winner has everyone's full attention.