Panthers News: Austin Corbett, Bryce Young, Frank Reich and David Tepper

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Austin Corbett
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Frank Reich on sitting Bryce Young

After another game where rookie quarterback Bryce Young took heavy hits constantly and was sacked seven times against the Dallas Cowboys, the last thing anybody needed was Austin Corbett going to season-ending injured/reserve. Something that's led to sections of the team's fanbase asking if the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft should sit out their remaining games to preserve his long-term health.

This was a topic brought to Frank Reich during his Wednesday press availability. However, the head coach made it clear in no uncertain terms that Young will be under center for the duration of 2023 if he is fit enough based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"No. Bryce [Young] is our guy. Excited about the opportunities the last seven games that he has and that we have to make progress. We have a lot of resolve, determination to make that progress. We take it one week at a time, we continue to try and find ways to get that. Want Bryce leadin’ the way on that."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

This is a hot topic of discussion and looking at the Carolina Panthers offense, there are merits to taking Young out of the firing line. Reich's reluctance is likely down to his own job insecurity and the fact he'd be admitting defeat rather than showing confidence in guys lower down the depth chart.

As fans, just hope and pray the lingering effects of the campaign for Young aren't too detrimental to his long-term aspirations.