Panthers News: Austin Corbett, Bryce Young, Frank Reich and David Tepper

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Austin Corbett
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Carolina Panthers have a David Tepper problem

When David Tepper bought the Carolina Panthers from Jerry Richardson for a then-record $2.275 billion, the billionaire came with bold ambitions to take the franchise up a notch and become an industry leader both on and off the field. Instead, the organization has become the league's laughing stock.

Carolina is a fish rotting from the head down under Tepper's ownership. There's been no on-field success, no winning season, and almost no growth in the team's facility infrastructure following the debacle regarding the Rock Hill project.

No matter what moves Tepper makes, it doesn't change the fact his constant meddling and suspect moves are holding the Panthers back. Something that was highlighted in a scathing piece from Carron J. Phillips from Deadspin.

"Last year, Forbes had [David] Tepper listed as one of the richest owners in all of sports, as he’s worth somewhere around $18 billion. But, just because you’re wealthy enough to own a team, or buy one in cash, it doesn’t mean you know how to operate one. The Panthers hired Frank Reich over Steve Wilks. Then they drafted Bryce Young with the No. 1 overall pick at quarterback. It’s been a revolving door at the head coaching and the quarterback positions ever since Tepper took over. I’m guessing that billionaires have to be good with numbers. But in this case, it’s easy to see that Dave Tepper can’t seem to quantify that he’s the common denominator."

Carron J. Phillips, Deadspin

This sums it up perfectly. Tepper might be a cutthroat, thriving businessman, but it takes much more to successfully run an NFL team.

Until he figures this out and makes changes accordingly, the Panthers will continue to languish among the league's bottom-feeders.