Panthers news: Ben Johnson, Champ Kelly, Jaycee Horn and David Tepper

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Jaycee Horn
Jaycee Horn / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers CB Jaycee Horn's hope

There is immense uncertainty surrounding the Carolina Panthers right now. They are embarking on another new era for the second consecutive year. It's not been the most stable environment imaginable under David Tepper, but with the regular season mercifully in the history books, there is renewed hope things can finally start trending in an upward direction.

Changes will be evident across the playing personnel once the new head coach and general manager come into the building. According to stud cornerback Jaycee Horn, he's hoping those in power can keep the defensive side of things together as they look to build on a largely positive 2023 campaign based on comments via Sports Illustrated.

"I mean, obviously it's a little frustrating but that's just how the game go sometimes. We may need them to bail us out some games next year you just never know how it goes. We just try to stay together. I think we got all the pieces. On the offensive side of the ball I can't really speak on that. We'll probably have to go and make moves or whatever and get more help, but I feel like as a team we got the leadership, got the players. We just got to put it together. You see it every year people panicking because of our record but I got no worries. I think we'll turn this thing around."

Jaycee Horn via Sports Illustrated

There is also the small matter of Horn's fifth-year option upcoming. The former first-round pick is supremely gifted when on the field, but injuries have once again reared their head this season. Therefore, it could legitimately go either way.

Horn is one of the few guaranteed their starting position in 2024. If the South Carolina product had his way, everything else would also stay intact, however unlikely this scenario appears.