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Confidence in Carolina Panthers HC Dave Canales

Carolina Panthers fans will be tuning in later this morning when head coach Dave Canales is formally introduced to the media. Dan Morgan will also be speaking about his vision for the franchise. This is the perfect opportunity to explain the process and perhaps temper expectations regarding an immediate turnaround in fortunes.

That was the problem of Carolina's previous regime. Delusional predictions about contention when the Panthers weren't ready proved to be their undoing. The Panthers have gone younger with a structure behind the scenes more in keeping with successful NFL franchises. Even so, it is not going to happen overnight.

During a special feature on the team's website that centered on Canales' journey, ex-player Jack Sula highlighted the qualities Carolina's new head coach brings to the table. He's also got complete confidence in his ability to turn the Panthers - and quarterback Bryce Young - around.

"He'll tell you straight up, keep it raw and uncut with you, about your performance or what you can and can't (do), what he thinks you can be. You want to go to bat for a guy like that, who is very genuine, who's out for your best interests. He's always been destined for greatness, and it would not surprise me if he turns that organization around. And him being with Bryce Young, what better man to help him than Davey?"

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This might be perceived as a year or two too soon for Canales, but it's something the Panthers felt was necessary considering how their current state is being perceived league-wide. It's a gamble, that's not up for discussion. However, the rewards will be substantial if everything comes together.