Panthers news: Brian Burns, Brandt Tilis, Marquise Brown and J.J. Jansen

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Brian Burns
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Brandt Tilis' ethos

Brandt Tilis knows how much work needs to be done this offseason. The Carolina Panthers' new salary cap and contract manager inherited a complete mess financially. Anyone expecting miracles overnight is setting themselves up for a fall, but the new front-office figure has the experience and previous credentials capable of turning things around gradually.

Tilis wasted no time in stamping his mark on the franchise. Releasing Donte Jackson and Hayden Hurst indicates the Panthers are willing to take short-term hits for long-term gains. There is also a need to maximize Bryce Young's rookie contract, so it's a fine line given their current plight.

When speaking to Darin Gantt from the team's website, Tilis emphasized establishing the right culture and finding the balance between immediate progress and maintaining flexibility for the future. An ethos that's been missing within Carolina's football operation for some time.

"It starts from the top, right? It starts with your GM and, and he sets the culture, and there are football organizations out there who do operate in silos, and that might work well for them. That does not work well for me. So if this was going to be a siloed situation, I wouldn't be here. So again, it starts at the top, your leaders set your culture, they set your processes. And if this were not going to be collaborative and this were going to be siloed, it wouldn't fit me. Our goal we were able to operate on two planes. Operate in the short term; hey, let's go win a Super Bowl. We have enough pieces in place where we feel like we can really push the envelope to win a Super Bowl, and let's also think long-term. So let's stay flexible so that we can do the things that we want to do long term."

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Just what Tilis thought of some contract dished out by those no longer around is anyone's guess. But the respected figure is going to tackle this challenge with his customary enthusiasm and conviction.