Panthers news: Brian Burns, Brandt Tilis, Marquise Brown and J.J. Jansen

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Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers linked with Marquise Brown

It's no secret that the Carolina Panthers need to find better weapons for quarterback Bryce Young in the passing game. The quarterback cannot go through similar struggles in Year 2 of his professional career. That would be a body blow to his confidence - one he might not be able to recover from.

There isn't much money to go around, so taking advantage of a gifted group of college prospects via the draft seems likely. Shervon Fakhimi from Clutch Points also urged those in power to target free agent Marquise Brown in pursuit of finding veteran help capable of hitting the ground running.

"There isn't a team in the NFL who needs a dynamic wide receiver more than the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have to find a receiver for Bryce Young in the worst way possible. It doesn't help they don't have a first-round pick at their disposal to find one of the better pass-catchers in the 2024 NFL Draft. Luckily, this year's draft is super deep at that position. But it wouldn't hurt to find an established veteran who they know they can count upon. Marquise Brown would be that guy."

Shervon Fakhimi, Clutch Points

The wide receiver pool has diminished after Tee Higgins and Michael Pittman Jr. were franchise-tagged. Carolina might face strong competition for Brown from others in need of wideout assistance. Getting into a bidding war is a battle they'll likely lose looking at the team's precarious financial situation.