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Carolina Pamthers OLB Brian Burns' mentality

With prominent figures such as Nick Bosa holding out of training camp until their contract extensions are resolved, questions were raised among fans about whether the Carolina Panthers should expect the same from Brian Burns. The defensive end's representatives are in negotiations about a megabucks deal for the 2019 first-round pick, which could be among the biggest-ever contracts in terms of guaranteed money given out in franchise history.

Burns might make as much as $25 million per year looking at the current market. Bosa is going to reset the market and is making his intentions more than known, but the former Florida State pass-rusher stated via Augusta Stone from the team's website that holding out didn't feel right considering the need to begin this new era on a positive note.

"I was going to show up. I would say mainly just because I missed it. I missed being with my defense. And I kind of feel like what we've got going is bigger than – I don't want to say it's bigger than my individual goals, because those matter, of course – but I feel like what we've got building is bigger than that. And I feel like I'm a key piece to what we need to get done. So I feel like I need to be here. Whether or not I'm going through negotiations, or whatever."

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Everything should work out in a satisfactory manner given the willingness from both sides to get a deal done. But it speaks volumes for Burns' commitment and love for the Panthers that he's on the field because holding out and minimizing the risk of injury represents the safest and easiest option.

Burns is an integral part of Carolina's long-term plans for progression. Displaying this sort of selfless attitude only cements this notion further.