Panthers News: Brian Burns, Bryce Young, Hall of Honor and Keith Taylor Jr.

Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers OLB Brian Burns is a superstar

Brian Burns has firmly arrived as one of the league's premier edge rushers. Others generate more headlines, but anyone that closely follows the Carolina Panthers is under no illusions as to how important the former first-round selection is to their plans in 2023.

Burns is heading into the final year of his rookie deal and is counting $16.01 million against the cap next season. After that, it's going to be more substantial if the edge presence gets the sort of money normally associated with productive performers in this critical discipline.

There was another confidence boost for Burns recently when he placed at No. 7 among other edge defenders around the league based on information gathered by Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. And according to an unnamed NFL personnel executive speaking to the senior insider, the one-time Florida State stud would be a superstar if he played in a bigger market.

"He has special ability: length, bend, closing speed, multiple moves. But he's not a household name because he plays in Carolina. If he was in San Francisco in Bosa's spot, he'd be a superstar, too."

NFL personnel exec via ESPN

That might be the case, especially considering Nick Bosa could reset the market on his next contract. But if the Panthers start winning and Burns remains a valuable contributor, it won't take long for his name to come into the limelight more prominently.

Until then, he remains a revered roster member on and off the field in Carolina. One that could get one of the biggest contracts in franchise history in the near future.