Panthers News: Brian Burns, Bryce Young, Josh McCown and DeShawn Williams

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Josh McCown
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Josh McCown focused on Carolina Panthers

One of the most intriguing arrivals during the Carolina Panthers' relentless pursuit of finding the best coaches to work under Frank Reich was Josh McCown. The former quarterback had nearly 19 years of experience as a player - albeit in a backup/mentor role more often than not - which set him up perfectly for the next stage of his football journey with a team that was on the brink of pressing the reset button at the sport's most pivotal position.

Had things gone a little differently for McCown, he would have been fast-tracked into a head coaching gig. Rumors were ablaze abut the Houston Texans wanting him to take the top job despite having no legitimate NFL experience, which drew the ire of those who felt some minority candidates were far more deserving.

Once the Brian Flores lawsuit began, McCown's hopes of becoming a head coach fell into the abyss. However, he's clearly focused on the Panthers and developing Bryce Young rather than what might come next based on his comments via Joe Person of The Athletic.

"We’ll never know. But I know this: I’m thankful to be here. This is the right thing. To walk into a building with Dom (Capers) and Jim (Caldwell) and James Campen, Thomas Brown. To get to be around just great men of integrity, but then just good football minds, you can only grow and get better from that. This is the way it was supposed to go. I’m at peace with that. I’m happy where I’m at. I’m just trying to make the most of every day with these Q’s and get the best out of ‘em."

Josh McCown via The Athletic

There are former and future head coaches everywhere you look across Carolina's coaching staff. McCown has a bright future in the game, even if he might have to go down the more traditional route after everything that's happened.