Panthers News: Brian Burns, Chandler Zavala, Matt Corral and fatal flaws

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Why the Carolina Panthers released Matt Corral

The Carolina Panthers are moving forward with Bryce Young and Andy Dalton as their quarterback duo heading into the campaign. It appears as if Matt Corral was always the odd man out after being dealt such a bad hand.

Corral was third-string throughout camp and although he initially made the 53-man roster, was finally put out of his misery to make way for a waiver claim. It wasn't all bad for the Ole Miss product, who was claimed by the New England Patriots and looks set to back up Mac Jones in 2023.

When discussing Corral's fate, Panthers staff writer Darin Gantt stated that there is still some potential within the signal-caller in the right fit. Even if that wasn't ever going to be in Carolina through no real fault of his own.

"More than anything, [Matt] Corral was the victim of some bad timing. First, the injury last year at New England, which ended his rookie year, and then inheriting a new coach and a new quarterback his second year. There was a rule in place to allow teams to keep a third quarterback as a free active spot this season, but that quarterback has to be on the 53, and only about a third of the league took advantage of it. So the Panthers have a lot of company in keeping two. I could be mistaken, but I think he's got some degree of potential in the right kind of system. He gets the ball out quickly. He can run around and make things happen. Those are valuable traits. He was dealt a bad hand but came in here every day with a smile and worked."

Darin Gantt,

Everyone gets a fresh start, here. The Panthers have someone with genuine franchise-changing capabilities under center and Corral gets the chance to learn from two experienced coaches behind a quarterback that finds himself firmly on the hot seat.