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Dave Canales
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Dave Canales on Carolina Panthers coaching hires

Dave Canales wasted no time in forming an impressive staff team once he became Carolina Panthers head coach. This was not the supposed all-star cast that Frank Reich assembled - which was an unmitigated disaster - but there is a level of familiarity that can hopefully become the catalyst behind greater things moving forward.

Retaining defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero and his staff keep a sense of continuity. Canales also sought out trusted allies he's worked with previously. Something he's hoping can lead to proper teaching and everyone getting on the same page quickly based on comments via The Herald.

"If these guys speak my language already, we’re going to be able to get this offense going quicker than people realize. Because all these guys know what we’re doing. And we’re only really teaching a few, and I feel like you can manage to teach a few, but you can’t have most of the people learning something new. So that was really important. We have to have people who are developmentally minded. And you can’t find that out unless you do your work and kinda talk to people who know them, and let them tell you and paint a picture for what this style of coaching is like. And then from there: Can this person tell a good story? Because if they can tell a good story, they can teach. They can connect with the players. And they’ll bring the football to light, and on the hard, dark days of camp, they’ll still be able to engage a group with how they’ll communicate. That’s huge."

Dave Canales via The Herald

Canales talks the talk, that's for sure. Fans have been fooled by false promises and bold claims with no substance attached before. It's time to see action, which means legitimate growth and a strong plan for short and long-term improvements. Anything less is a failure.