Panthers news: Brian Burns, Dave Canales, Ladd McConkey and obstacles

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Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers' plan for Brian Burns

Brian Burns and the Carolina Panthers remain at war regarding a new deal. Someone within the organization is leaking information about contract discussions to the media. This didn't go unnoticed by the player or his brother. In truth, it only adds to the complete mess this situation has quickly become.

Schuyler Callihan from Sports Illustrated was the latest to question Carolina's treatment of one of their best players. Burns has remained nothing but professional amid this ongoing saga. Something the writer believes is painting the franchise in a terrible light.

"The other part of this is the risk of upsetting [Brian] Burns and he walks away at some point in the future, netting nothing in return. He's played for three head coaches (six if you count interims) in five years and has yet to be a part of a winning team in Carolina. Why there is hesitancy to throw the bag at one of the few consistent, durable, high-level, high character players over those five years is beyond me."

Schuyler Callihan, Sports Illustrated

This is a sentiment echoed by most fans and insiders around the league. It's also unlikely to be overlooked by other players looking for new deals this offseason or in the coming years. Hopefully, a positive resolution can become public knowledge soon. But looking at how things stand currently, the franchise tag remains the most likely option.