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Nate Wiggins
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Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper blasted

It seems Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper cannot do anything right. The hedge fund manager came under fire in the recent NFLPA survey from his players. The team's decision to raise ticket prices by an average of four percent also received ridicule following one of the worst campaigns in franchise history.

Tepper was blasted on national television by Chris 'Mad Dogg' Russo during his weekly appearance on ESPN's popular debate show First Take. The legendary radio host was dumbfounded by the Panthers' decision to increase the prices of some tickets based on comments via Sports Illustrated. Something that's rapidly become yet another PR disaster to add to the billionaire's ever-growing collection.

"You're not serious, are ya? With this God-forbidden franchise that stinks? Where you're firing head coaches? When you're telling everybody who to draft on draft day? I loved (Bryce) Young too but that was a mistake. In a market that cares more about college basketball than the NFL? In a stadium that's a little old that you're going to make them ante up 4% more? I don't care what the percentage is, you should give them the games for free. For exhibition games you're going to make them pay 4% more when you make a fortune and the NFL prints money? And you're going to charge those poor Panther fans 4% more? Four percent. That is a complete utter disgrace. And for an owner that has absolute no good PR… that's the last thing you do to your fanbase off a lousy year when you're throwing water in Jacksonville at the fans because you're upset that you lost to the Jaguars."

Chris Mad Dog Russo via SI

The ticket price hike won't be for everybody, but it might have been nice to keep everything the same as a gesture of good faith following a two-win season. After all, it's not like Bank of America Stadium is a fortress considering how many visiting fans treat the Panthers as a glorified tourist attraction.