Panthers news: Brian Burns, Ejiro Evero, the process and Senior Bowl week

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Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers' process

The hirings of Dan Morgan and Dave Canales underwhelmed some. Some were quick to criticize team owner David Tepper for reminding everyone who was really in charge. After so much abject misery since the billionaire bought the Carolina Panthers from Jerry Richardson, fans have every right to be skeptical about the choices.

Tepper has done nothing to accumulate the trust of fans. It's been one bad move after another. However, team writer Darin Gantt tried to calm everyone down by focusing on the process of an aligned vision taking the franchise into better days during his weekly mailbag.

"Hiring [Dan] Morgan first isn't a suggestion that he picked [Dave] Canales alone. The way this is structured, both report to the owner. This setup is not unique or even uncommon. Many teams around the league do it this way. This is normal. But when things have gone the way things have gone around here lately, people take any opportunity to yell that whatever happens next is wrong. I get it, conditioned response, etc. But this process was built with alignment in mind because that's the most important part of putting together a football operation. And in Canales and Morgan, or Morgan and Canales, however you want to say it, they've found a promising start toward that goal."

Darin Gantt,

Talk is cheap, especially for a team labeled as the NFL's laughingstock. This is a time for action, something Morgan and Canales also recognize by getting straight to work in their quest to get Carolina back to the league's top table for the first time since 2015.