Panthers News: Brian Burns, Frank Reich, Jeremy Chinn and long-term hopes

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Brian Burns
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Turning the Carolina Panthers around long-term

Things are not looking too promising for the Carolina Panthers through six weeks. The team has yet to attain a solitary win for their efforts, multiple key injuries are hindering problem position groups, and morale seems to be sapping away once again from a fanbase promised the earth with very little substance attached before the campaign.

The Panthers are set to give up the No. 1 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft as it stands. Not exactly ideal, but they do have some games upcoming after the bye that represent an opportunity to build momentum.

Although the Panthers were named by Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports as one of five teams in the worst long-term situations, the writer provided hope if those in power hit on some impact difference-makers in free agency and quarterback Bryce Young continues to make encouraging strides.

"The Panthers do have $63,044,389 in available cap space this offseason, so Carolina can take the free agency route in order to improve its roster. The NFC South isn't exactly the best division either, so the Panthers can turn things around in a hurry. There's also the issue if Frank Reich can turn things around as a coach. Reich is 3-11-1 in his last two seasons as a head coach and 12-19-1 in his last 32 games. Oh, and he's also on Year 1 of a four-year contract. General manager Scott Fitterer is on Year 3 of his tenure, but he has a murky future if the 2023 season continues to spiral. The Panthers roster is a mess, and the front office isn't any better. If Young develops and they are wise in free agency spending, this can get turned around."

Jeff Kerr, CBS Sports

Easier said than done, obviously. But just who'll be making such decisions remains to be seen if things don't start progressing over Carolina's final 11 games.