Panthers News: Brian Burns, Frank Reich, Jeremy Chinn and long-term hopes

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Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers OLB Brian Burns' future

If the Carolina Panthers are intent on getting a first-round pick in 2024 without trading up, then edge rusher Brian Burns is the only realistic piece that could command that sort of compensation. Improving defensive lineman Derrick Brown is another, but his impressive current career trajectory makes shipping him out an asinine notion.

Burns is arguably the team's best player right now. He's had some unfair criticism in recent weeks given how much he's impacted the game even though the Florida State product is double-teamed almost constantly, but his ongoing contract uncertainty is leading to speculation surrounding a possible move before the trade deadline.

According to Diana Russini of The Athletic, the Panthers have been actively calling other teams in pursuit of recouping assets. However, the respected insider added that she gets the sense that Burns won't be on the move by October 31.

"The Carolina Panthers have been actively calling as buyers and sellers over the last few weeks. As for the best Panthers pass rusher Brian Burns, I do not get the sense Carolina is expecting to trade him, but they have been getting calls on him."

Diana Russini, The Athletic

This is the right thing to do, although it does nothing to heighten the urgent need to get a deal done. If the stalemate continues, all signs point to the Panthers placing the non-exclusive franchise tag on Burns next spring and matching any offer he receives from elsewhere.

If not, they'll have two first-round picks to utilize.