Panthers News: Brian Burns, Jeremy Chinn, Thomas Brown and Cam Newton

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Cam Newton
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Trade touted for Carolina Panthers DB Jeremy Chinn

Jeremy Chinn was one of three players to go on injured/reserve this week. This was a blow to the Carolina Panthers' defensive plans and to the front office given he was a potential candidate to be moved before the 2023 trade deadline.

That looks like it might be difficult right now. But that didn't stop Matt Verderame and Gilberto Manzano of Sports Illustrated from touting the Dallas Cowboys as a possible destination before the all-important October 31 cut-off point.

"[Jeremy] Chinn might not be available to play until December due to his quad injury, but the Cowboys can afford to wait for the versatile defensive playmaker. Chinn is capable of playing linebacker and safety, two areas of need for a Cowboys defense that has had a few notable injuries this season. With Chinn sidelined, it might not cost Dallas much to trade for a player who could help come the postseason. Chinn, 25, has one sack and 23 total tackles this season."

Matt Verderame and Gilberto Manzano

The compensation would be minimal if any offer did come long when one factors everything into the equation. Chinn's not going to be available until the final few games, so a postseason team is the only realistic avenue if the prognosis is around six weeks as expected.

It won't be much longer before we find something out one way or another.