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Cam Newton
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Former Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton's regret

One could pinpoint the Carolina Panthers' current demise from the moment Matt Rhule signed Teddy Bridgewater and released icon Cam Newton. This was a power flex from the new head coach and a sign that he wanted to stamp his own mark on the franchise, which led to a constant stream of failed options under center and eventually a daring trade to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft for quarterback Bryce Young.

Things haven't been smooth sailing for Newton after that on the football side, either. He lasted just one season with the New England Patriots and aside from a brief stint back with the Panthers in 2021, hasn't been seen on an NFL field since.

Newton seems happy enough with everything else going on and he recently revealed that he's having an eighth child, so it's a busy time. However, there was one big regret the former Auburn phenom did confirm from his time in New England via Sportskeeda.

"My biggest regret from New England is the fact that I didn't play in front of the fans, 'cause me being me, I feed off of the energy of people, whether it's a 'boo', whether it's a 'ooh', whether it's a 'ahh!' or a 'nahh!' I feed off of that and I use that. And when we were in them doggone stadiums and it was empty, they was pumping crowd noise. I'm like, 'Man, this is weak.'"

Cam Newton via Sportskeeda

It was a difficult situation all around for Newton. Not only was he replacing a legendary figure in Tom Brady, but the atmosphere that clearly inspired him to greatness throughout a glittering career was non-existent due to social distancing guidelines at the pandemic's height.